Caesarean Section in the Bovine

The movie

Our Department has a film available featuring live-action footage of a complete caesarean section performed on a standing cow. It is an operation that is frequently performed in Belgium as the double-muscled Belgian White-Blue breed rarely produces calves that are born per viam naturalem. As it is sometimes required to perform a caesarean section in other breeds also, even in dairy cows, it is important as a vet to be able to perform this operation secundem artem.

This educational film wants to be a help to veterinary students, practitioners and teachers at Universities, and is available on CD-rom only. It is available in Dutch, French and English, and can be ordered at our Department.

A fragment of the film is being shown on this page. In reality, quality and size of the film on CD-rom are larger than shown in this fragment.

The CDrom has been ordered by practitioners and by veterinarians working at Universities from as far as Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom (UK), France, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, Portugal, United States (US), Canada and New-Zeeland.


The CD-rom costs 60 Euro (transport costs not included).

Transport costs (1-2 pieces) Europe: 4 Euro - Transport costs (1-2 pieces) rest world: 5 Euro
Transport costs (3-4 pieces) Europe: 8 Euro - Transport costs (3-4 pieces) rest world: 10 Euro

Payment with credit card (Visa - Mastercard - Eurocard – Diners – American Express) only.

If you want to know more about this film please contact Sarne De Vliegher, DVM for further details.