PhD theses


  • C. Ververs
    Breeding on the brink of extinction: What can we learn from game-ranched white rhinoceroses (Ceratotherium simum simum)? (view)

  • E. Wydooghe
    Solving the puzzle of inter-embryonic communication in bovine embryo group culture by proteomics (view)

  • M. Catteeuw
    Novel insights in commercial in vitro embryo production in cattle (view)

  • C. Rojo Gimeno
    Economic and institutional perspectives on the role of data, information, and advice in the animal health advisory system (view)

  • M. Filippitzi
    Modelling the risks and consequences of residues of antimicrobial drugs in the gut and manure of pigs (view)

  • A. Michiels
    Factors influencing pneumonia and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infections in pigs (view)

  • M. Stevens
    Antimicrobial consumption on Flemish dairy herds: quantification, associated factors and mastitis management input as a basis for appropriate use (view)

  • I. Arsenakis
    Different vaccination protocols with bacterins as a means to control Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infections in peri-weaned and fattening pigs (view)


  • I. Chantziaras
    Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance in commensal E. coli (view)

  • S. Welby
    Quantitative evaluation of the effectiveness of official animal disease surveillance programmes (view)

  • M. Kamal
    Evidence for metabolic programming in dairy cattle based on field data (view)

  • K. Piccart
    The host-pathogen interaction of ecologically diverse coagulase-negative staphylococci in bovine mastitis, with a focus on prolactin (view)

  • I. Declerck
    Sows' colostrum yield and piglets’ colostrum intake: a challenge in high-prolific pig production (view)


  • O. Bogado Pascottini
    Subclinical endometritis in dairy cattle: a practical approach (view)

  • J. De Koster
    Influence of body condition score of dairy cows at the end of pregnancy on peripheral tissue insulin response and metabolic properties of adipose tissue (view)

  • E. Nalon
    Lameness in sows: Visual assessment and effects on mechanical nociceptive thresholds (view)

  • T. Tolosa Fulasa
    Milk quality and mastitis in Jimma, Ethiopia - Risk factors and constraints (view)

  • E-J. Bos
    Group housing of gestating sows: locomotion disorders and claw lesions (view)

  • K. Luyckx
    Evaluation and implication of cleaning and disinfection of broiler houses and pig nursery units (view)

  • S. Heras García
    Transcriptomic and Epigenetic Patterns in Bovine and Equine Preimplantation Embryos (view)

  • M. Postma
    Antimicrobial Usage in Pig Production: Check, Improve and Reduce in Belgium and the EU (view)

  • P. Passchyn
    Udder Health and Milk Quality Management: Challenges and Opportunities under Flemish Conditions (view)

  • A. De Visscher
    Ecology and Epidemiology of Bovine-Related Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcus Species (view)


  • H. Nelis
    Deciphering the Embryo-Maternal Dialogue in the Horse Using an Oviduct Explant Model (view)

  • B. Leemans
    Novel insights in capacitation of stallion spermatozoa: What is the role of the oviduct? (view)

  • R. Appeltant
    Cumulus expansion and in vitro maturation of porcine oocytes (view)

  • B. Callens
    Antimicrobial use and resistance in Belgian pig production (view)

  • B. Atanasov
    Monitoring the follicular dynamics regarding fatty acid composition in modified synchronization protocol in dairy cows (view)

  • V. Meganck
    Neonatal diarrhea in dairy calves and the relevance of bovine colostral leukocytes (view)

  • J. Beek
    Novel insights in the role of proteases during porcine fertilization in vitro (view)

  • S. Sarrazin
    Epidemiological reflections on bovine viral diarrhoea virus control in Belgian cattle herds based on experimental infections and observational studies (view)

  • J. Verbeke
    The role of CXCR1 gene polymorphisms in bovine neutrophil traits and mastitis (view)


  • R. Decaluwé
    The metabolic use of fat and protein in late gestation and its effect on colostrum yield in sows (view)

  • E. de Jong
    Weaning practices and culling policy - Critical steps for optimal reproductive performance of female breeding pigs (view)

  • R. del Pozo Sacristán
    Treatment and control of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infections (view)

  • L. De Ridder
    Optimization of the control of Salmonella infections in pigs (view)

  • G. Claes
    The transmission of H5 and H7 Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza virusses (view)

  • J. Laureyns
    Challenges in the control of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus - implications for a Belgian eradication programme (view)


  • A. Cools
    The peripartal sow: A challenge for nutrition (view)

  • S. Beutinger Marchioro
    Immune responses following vaccination of pigs and mice against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (view)

  • M. Bozlur Rahman
    Stress Responses in Bovine Spermatozoa and Their Consequences for In Vitro Fertilization (view)


  • G. Braem
    Prevalence of coagulase-negative Staphylococci on the teat skin of cows in Flemish dairy herds (view)
    This PhD was defended at the Free University of Brussels.

  • I. Zwertvaegher
    Teat dimensions of dairy cows and their relation with udder health as assessed using a novel 2D-vision-based device (view)

  • A. López Rodríguez
    Fresh boar semen: quality control and production (view)

  • C. De Schauwer
    Towards a uniform characterization of equine mesenchymal stromal cells (view)

  • M. Hostens
    Health and fertility challenges in high yielding dairy cows during the transition period and use of dietary fatty acids as an optimazation strategy (view)

  • E. De Busser
    Control of Salmonella in the pork production chain (view)


  • D. Persoons
    Antimicrobial use and resistance in Belgian broiler production (view)

  • M. Shehab-El-Deen
    Effects of metabolic stressors and high temperature on oocyte and embryo quality in high yielding dairy cows. (view)

  • M. Hoogewijs
    Automated and standardized analysis of equine semen and influences of centrifugation on equine semen preservation. (view)

  • V. Piessens
    Epidemiology and characterization of coagulase-negative Staphylococcus species from dairy farms. (view)

  • K. Supré
    Intramammary infections with Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcus species in bovines - Molecular diagnostics and epidemiology (view)

  • K. Vranckx
    Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae diversity in pigs (view)


  • I. Kolkman
    Calving problems and calving ability in the phenotypically double muscled Belgian Blue breed (view)

  • P. Bossaert
    The role of insulin in the energy conflict between milk production and ovarian activity during the transition period of high-yielding dairy cows (view)

  • S. Piepers
    Intramammary Infections and Innate Immunity in Early Lactating Dairy Heifers (view)

  • S. Van Hoorebeke
    The effect of different housing systems on salmonella and antimicrobial resistance in laying hens. (view)

  • C. Vanderhaeghe
    Incidence and prevention of early parturition and risk factors for stillborn piglets. (view)

  • K. Smits
    Equine embryos: In vivo versus in vitro. (view)

  • M. Filliers
    Of cats, birds and bees: Towards an optimization of in vitro embryo production in felids. (view)

  • I. Villarreal
    Epidemiology of M. hyopneumoniae infections and effect of control measures. (view)


  • S. Ribbens
    Evaluating infection spread in Belgian pig herds using Classical Swine Fever as a model (view)

  • J. Bijttebier
    Follicular fluid and in vitro maturation of porcine oocytes (view)

  • M. Thys
    New insights and advances in bovine fertilization in vitro (view)


  • L. Vandaele
    Intrinsic factors affecting apoptosis in bovine in vitro produced embryos (view)


  • B. Mateusen
    Interaction of viruses with porcine embryos (view)

  • P. Vyt
    Examination and storage of liquid boar semen (view)

  • T. Meyns
    Highly and low virulent Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae isolates: transmission and interaction with the respiratory tract (view)


  • G. Hoflack
    Fertility in Belgian Blue bulls (view)


  • S. Tanghe
    Sperm-oocyte interactions during bovine fertilization in vitro (view)

  • B. Catry
    Pasteurella and Mannheimia spp. from calves: differentiation and antimicrobial resistance (view)

  • N. Nollet
    Salmonella in pigs: epidemiology and control of the infection at the herd level (view)

  • T. Stakenborg
    Identification of mollicutes and characterization of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae isolates (view)

  • J. Vicca
    Virulence and antimicrobial susceptibility of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae isolates from pigs (view)

  • T. Vanholder
    Cystic ovarian disease in the high yielding dairy cow post partum: role of metabolic and hormonal adaptations in the pathogenesis (view)

  • J. Leroy
    Metabolic changes in high yielding dairy cows and the consequences on oocyte and embryo quality(view)


  • Y. Yuan
    Molecular quality assessment of bovine oocytes and in vitro produced embryos (view)

  • S. Verberckmoes
    Preservation of fresh bovine semen and utero-tubal junction insemination in cattle (view)

  • T. Rijsselaere
    New techniques for canine semen assessment and characterization of the sperm reservoir in the dog (view)

  • S. De Vliegher
    Udder health in dairy heifers: some epidemiological and microbiological aspects (view)


  • I. De Pauw
    Bovine semen preservation under epididymal conditions and assessment of sperm quality by means of a sperm-oviduct binding assay


  • J. Dewulf
    Epidemiology and control of classical swine fever: experimental assessment of virus transmission and potential benefits of emergency vaccination (view)


  • H. Laevens
    Epizootiology of classical swine fever: experimental infections simulating field conditions, and risk factors for virus transmission in the neighbourhood of an infected herd.

  • G. Opsomer
    Anoestrus post partum in high yielding dairy cows: a field study (view)

  • G. Van Roose
    Interactions of bovine herpesvirus -1 and bovine viral diarrhea virus with bovine gametes and in-vitro produced embryos.


  • D. Maes
    Respiratory disease in slaughter pigs: epidemiological aspects and effect of vaccination against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae


  • P. Bols
    Transvaginal ovum pick-up in the cow: technical and biological modifications (view)


  • A. Van Soom
    Bovine embryo quality: timing of development, morphological differentiation and cell allocation


  • P. Mijten
    Complicaties van de keizersnede bij het rund