Program & timetable


Day Date Topic
1 9 Sept. 2019 General introduction (J. Dewulf)
Data management and frequency measures (S. De Vliegher)
2 10 Sept. 2019 Statistics in epidemiology a practical approach (E. Fransen & E. Roelant)
3 11 Sept. 2019 Diagnostics, accuracy and precision (J. Dewulf)
4 12 Sept. 2019 Sample size calculations (J. Dewulf)
monitoring and surveillance part 1 (G. Van Schaik)
5 13 Sept. 2019 monitoring and surveillance part 2 (G. Van Schaik)
6 16 Sept. 2019 Observational studies, design and data analysis (J. Dewulf)
Systematic review and meta-analysis (N. Pauwels)
7 17 Sept. 2019 Association and causality (J. Dewulf)
Questionnaire design (B. Damiaans)
Big data in veterinary epidemiology (M. Hostens)
8 18 Sept. 2019 Introduction to qualitative and quantitative risk assessment (M. Fillippitzi)
Outbreak investigation and disease control ( J. Dewulf)
9 19 Sept. 2019 Clinical trials (D. Maes)
10 20 Sept. 2019 Modeling of infectious diseases (G. Fournié)


The general timetable is as follows:

09u00 – 10u30 Epidemiology part I (Theory)
10u30 – 11u00 Coffee break
11u00 – 12u30 Epidemiology part II (Theory)
12u30 – 14u00 Lunch
14u00 – 17u00 Epidemiology part III (Practical exercises)

This timetable may change in function of the different courses.