Registration & Funding


The course fee is €1500. For PhD students, members of the Flemish society of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (VEE) as well as residents or interns of a European College (member of EBVS) the fee is reduced to €1200. (extra information on funding at the bottom of this page).

The registration fee includes:

  • All theoretical and practical courses

  • The book “Veterinary Epidemiologic Research” (Dohoo, Martin, Stryhn)

  • All course notes

  • Coffee and lunches during all course days

How to register?

Registration is done by sending all relevant information (registration document) to the course organizer Philip Joosten before 15 July 2019. The subscription is only final after having paid the registration fee (you will receive an invoice after registering). Be careful since the registrations will be treated on a first come, first serve basis and the maximum number of participants is limited to 25. After registration you will receive a password that allows you to download all course material from the website.


The course is under consideration for recognition and co-funding by the Doctoral School of life sciences and medicine (DS LSM) of Ghent University (for Phd students of Ghent University) and the European College of Veterinary Public Health (for ECVPH residents). More info will follow soon.